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secure offsite backup services

Through the power and security of iData, DR Vault offers a cloud based, data storage and recovery service. The iData storage facility is securely available to customers on-line, file by file, 24x7 and is totally encrypted for maximum security.

This service completely removes the need for tape storage and the problems associated with tape management, and the reduction in man hours typically associated with backup processes.

Desktop/Laptop backup for individuals Cloud Fileserver Backup for SMEs Cloud Fileserver Data Recovery for SMEs

Giving you peace of mind...
Ask for a 1 month FREE trial!

backup feature  Protect your precious photos, videos, music
    and personal data
backup feature  Easy to use
backup feature  Cost effective
backup feature  Automatically updated
backup feature  Highly secure

Get on with your business without worrying
about your data – ask for a 2 month FREE trial!

backup feature  Remove the need for tape storage
backup feature  Eliminate the cost and risk of data loss
backup feature  Reduce resources allocated to backup
backup feature  Data is secure, encrypted, in a highly
    available data centre 24x7
backup feature  Part managed or fully managed

A complete DR site at the fraction of the usual cost.

backup feature  Image complete copies of your
    Fileservers with data for DR purposes
backup feature  Virtual Images of your Fileservers run
    online in our highly available data centre 24x7
backup feature  Using Virtual Technology DRV can
    provide a full DR Service at a fraction of the
    usual costs.
backup for home users backup for business servers complete data recovery

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